Welcome to Varada Marine

Varada Marine was founded in April 2010
Varada Marine has a goal to become one of the largest
offshore support vessel companies in the world
within the next decade.

The company’s main focus will be marketing and operation of modern anchor handling tug supply vessels and platform supply vessels.

Varada has a series of AHTS, AHTs and PSVs under construction at ABG Shipyard in India, including 4 x Havyard 842 design medium AHTS of 200 TBP, 6 x Seatech 729 small AHTS of 80+ TBP, and 6 x UT755 CD PSVs.

Varada has taken delivery of our first vessel the AHT King of Calabar (7400 bhp/90 TBP, FiFi 1, DP I) and two 85+ ts bollard tons AHTS, Varada Ipanema and Varada Buzios, and has several small AHTS (6,200 bhp/85+ TBP, FiFi I, DP II) vessels to follow thereafter.

Varada Marine's medium sized AHTS and PSVs will be delivered from the third Quarter of 2012 onwards.
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